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Old Riga and Art Nouveau Quarter

Ref: RIG003

Activity Level: Moderate

Duration: 3h30

Up to 6 people


This combined excursion will allow you to get to know Riga, learn its history and feel its atmosphere. We will stroll through the most picturesque alleys, visit the most famous sights of Old Riga :
- Duomo Cathedral,
- St. Peter's Church,
- St. James Cathedral,
- The "Three Brothers" ensemble
- Swedish Door
- Parliament
- House of the Black Heads
- Big and Little Guild
- Powder Magazine Tower
Afterwards, a walk in the famous Art Nouveau Quarter awaits you. During our walk you will learn about the history of the emergence and development of the Art Nouveau style in Riga as well as better understand the architectural trends and fashion of the early 20th century in Europe. I will explain to you how to distinguish the three types of Art Nouveau in Riga and show you the most beautiful examples. You will get acquainted with the most outstanding architects of the beginning of the century. I will show you the hidden pearls of this district and learn how to decipher the messages on the facades of "talking houses", which the architects have left us. more details

  • This tour is available in the following languages

    Français, English, Russkiy, Latvian

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