You are an official guide and / or private driver in Europe,
Join us !

We want to bring you additional regular income through an innovative partnership in a relationship of trust.


ShoreTours is not just another online booking site. Above all, it is a platform of professionals with a philosophy of high-end service and unity in the different tours that allows the customers to know exactly what to expect, no matter where for they book a trip with us.

We want to offer discovery or thorough "all inclusive" tours that can last from 2 to 8 hours maximum, all for one to six people or more on customer's request.

In addition to your experienced guide service, these excursions will include private vehicle transportation, entrance to the different sites to avoid the queues as well as your personal touch that makes the difference.

Guests will be picked up at their hotel or at the foot of the ship if on a cruise, to return to the same place once the tour is completed.


This means a high added value for you


For this we rely on a network of independent guides and professional drivers such as you so that our customers keep an unforgettable memory of their visit.

Prices will be offered per tour regardless of the number of participants. Adjustments will be made when excursions include admission tickets to monuments or other attractions.

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The cruise market is constantly growing. Every year there are always more ships and cruise passengers.

Cruise ship passengers want to discover every day a new country and / or a new port and the beauties and curiosities that surround them.


The demand for excursions continues to grow too.

But today many customers want to get away from the excursions proposed by the cruise companies for the benefit of private tours more friendly, away from the crowd and even often cheaper at the end. This is why we think that there is a growing demand and this is why our 100% European site (designed and managed in Europe) will connect customers seeking private quality tours and passionate independent guides who will make them discover the treasures from their region in high standard excursions.


How does it work ?


You control your tours from A to Z.


Each partner guide establishes the excursion (s) he intends to organize. For each excursion the client will have to be taken care of as close as possible to the cruise ship and brought back to the same place at the end of the tour.

The trips will be made only in luxury vehicles (air conditioning, cold drinks and if possible Wifi on board).

The guide then establishes the price of the tour (s) he or she proposes. This is the price that will be paid once the tour has been completed.

The excursions are then put online adding our margin.

Once the excursion has been approved by our team and as long as the guide can satisfy the demand in the language (s) he / she proposes, we will never put two identical excursions on line with two different guides.


You have the exclusivity of your excursion (s).


In order to make your life easy, ShoreTours deals with the customers relationship and takes care of the payments for your tours. Then we send the sums received to you every Tuesday following the completion of your service.

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Finally, there is no charge for you, neither at registration nor later.

Your registration on our platform is of course completely free and without commitment.

It can not be easier!