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10 Reasons Why Private Tour Guides are Better than Traditional Tours

Private tours are a fun way to explore a city or an area without having to worry about crowds or schedules. They're also a good option for people who aren't comfortable walking around on their own.
So why pay more when you could get the same experience for less? Here are ten reasons why private tours are better than traditional tours.

1.You'll get to see more. A tour guide will take you to places that you wouldn't normally visit. This means you'll see more of what makes a place special.

2. You'll learn more. A tour guide knows where to go and how to show you the sights.

3. You'll meet locals. You have more chance to meet the local population with a private guide than during a standard tour..

4. You'll get insider tips. A local guide has access to exclusive information that isn't available to tourists.

5. You'll save money. Most tours cost between $25-$100 per person. This is often cheaper than traditional tours

6. You'll get a unique experience. There's no substitute for seeing a place through the eyes of its residents.

7. You'll get to skip lines. Because there are fewer people on a private tour, you won't wait in line for hours.

8. You'll avoid scams. Scams are common on organized tours.

9. You'll get to choose your schedule. With a private tour, you can decide when and where you'd like to go.

10. You'll get to customize your itinerary. A private tour gives you the freedom to do whatever you want while you're there.

Why choose ShoreToursGuides unforgettable excursions

Private excursions for your family and friends only:

All our excursions are fully private. This means that no one but your family and friends will be added to your group. Of course you can invite other people to join your group to share the costs if you wish but within the limit of the maximum number of people stipulated in your excursion details.

Money Back Guarantee:

ShoreTours guarantees the reimbursement of the amount of your reservation in the event of force majeure and much more. In most cases you can cancel your booking up to 7 days before the date of excursion. See our cancellation policy

Guaranteed return to ship for cruise passengers:

We know that many passengers are reluctant to get away from excursions organized by cruise lines for fear of not returning to port in time and missing the ship. ShoreTours guarantees you a return to ship on time. Our guides are extremely attentive to this question and will always bring you back to your ship well before time of departure. In the highly unlikely event that you arrive too late at the port, ShoreTours will take care of you immediately in order to find accommodation for the night and transport to the next feasible port of call (see details in our terms and conditions).

The best independent and passionate guides at each destination, just for you :
We work with the best local guides in each port of call to make you discover exceptional places or activities that you will not see or experience with the excursions of cruise lines.

Unforgettable high quality tours for less money than cruise lines:

Although our excursions are fully private and of high quality, you will quickly realize that our prices reduced to the price per person are very competitive and often less expensive than the cruise lines.
We work hard with our guides to make sure that you will get back home with unforgettable memories.

How to understand our prices:

Prices are generally for the whole group and not per person (except for tours including meals and other entrance fees to attractions included in the tour), Therefore, the price shown per person is the best available price based on the maximum possible number of people taking the tour.
Variations (+ or -) may apply depending on the number of people and chosen options and will be calculated before adding to Cart.
Your group is strictly private: no one will be added


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