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Travel Agents, Increase your revenue | ShoreToursGuides
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Increase your income with ShoreToursGuides.com !
At ShoreTours we believe that partnering with travel agents is extremely important to the joint success of our businesses.

We are aware that you are in daily contact with travelers and cruise lines passengers and that you are in the best position to give them good advice regarding their destinations.
This is why we want to prioritize developing lasting relationships with partners like you.
You already sell cruise tickets with a margin which is not always sufficient.
We suggest that you increase your income by combining excursions with cruises that you already market.

What do we offer?
In addition to the sale of the cruise to your customers, you can also sell excursions from the ports of call visited during the customers cruise. This is not going to take you a lot of extra time but you will be able to increase your margin on the overall sale.

For each excursion sold, you receive a 5% commission.

And we also reward the most dynamic agents!
On a calendar year basis, as soon as you reach € 6,500 of sales on our site we grant you a "Gold bonus" of € 200 and your commission goes up to 9% for all the additional sales that you make until the end of the year.

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