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Increase your income with !
At ShoreTours we believe that partnering with travel agents is extremely important to the joint success of our businesses.

We are aware that you are in daily contact with travelers and cruise lines passengers and that you are in the best position to give them good advice regarding their destinations.
This is why we want to prioritize developing lasting relationships with partners like you.
You already sell cruise tickets with a margin which is not always sufficient.
We suggest that you increase your income by combining excursions with cruises that you already market.

What do we offer?
In addition to the sale of the cruise to your customers, you can also sell excursions from the ports of call visited during the customers cruise. This is not going to take you a lot of extra time but you will be able to increase your margin on the overall sale.

For each excursion sold, you receive a 5% commission.

And we also reward the most dynamic agents!
On a calendar year basis, as soon as you reach € 6,500 of sales on our site we grant you a "Gold bonus" of € 200 and your commission goes up to 9% for all the additional sales that you make until the end of the year.


How do I order on the website ?

On the Home page, click on "select destination" and choose between the drop-down menu. Then press the "GO!" Button. You will then see all available tours for the destination. Click on "view more". You will access all the details of the tour: Duration, maximum number of attendants, what is included, what is not, meeting point, price etc...) Once accepted by your customer, click on "Add to Cart" and follow the booking process or just add to cart and continue shopping. On payment page you will be prompted to log in (if not already connected) and the form should be filled in automatically. Just add your customer's name and e-mail so that he receives the booking confirmation or leave it blank if you do not wish your customer to receive the order confirmation details. In that case you agree to forward all necessary information to your customer and that ShoreTours will not be responsible in the event of a problem arising from the lack of transmission of information to the final customer.

How and when do I get my commission ?

Your commission is usually paid on the tuesday following the week of the excursion. The week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The commission is paid directly into your bank account by bank transfer unless otherwise agreed. Bank charges may apply depending on your location.

What happens to my commission if the tour is cancelled ?

If the booked tour is cancelled up to 30 calendar days before the date of the tour, you will not get any commission and there will be no penalty for your customer. For cancellation from 30 calendar days and up to seven calendar days before the date of tour we will charge a penalty of 25 € handling charges and you cannot be commissioned. From seven days before the excursion and less, we will charge 100 % penalty and you cannot be commissioned. In case the tour guide cancels the excursion for personnal reason, you will get 5% commission. This does not apply when the tour is cancelled for customers security reasons (ex: storms, earthquakes, strikes, riots etc..) In case of force majeure, we will reimburse your client but you cannot be commissioned. For further information please read our cancellation policy.

When and how do I get my "Gold bonus" ?

As soon as you reach € 6500 sales on our website, you are entitled to a € 200 Gold bonus. This will be paid the week following the achievement of the tour (We will be informed by our guide). Please note that your sales are calculated on a calendar year basis. This means that the booking and the tour achievement must be in the same calendar year in order to trigger your Gold bonus. For example your booking order is dated November 20th for a tour planned in february the following year. In this case this booking will be added to the following year's sales and not in current year.

Can I contact the guide prior to booking a tour ?

You can only contact the guide by email via our system so that all questions and answers are recorded. In this way we will be informed of agreements made with the guide. This will avoid any further possible dispute. Once the tour booking is confirmed you and your client (If you have allowed it) will receive a confirmation where the guide's phone number will appear. This number is for emergency purposes only (problems with meeting the guide at agreed location for example). If you need an immediate answer to a question, you can contact us by phone or email and we will try to answer your question if the guide is not immediately available.

Can my client contact the guide directly ?

No, this option is not available before the tour is booked. You are the only one being able to contact the guide (Via email only through our system) prior to booking. If you have allowed it, your client will receive a booking confirmation on which the guide phone number will appear. This is for emergency purposes (if your client does not see the guide at the agreed meeting point for example, or client getting lost during free time ...)

Can the guide contact my client ?

The guide can only contact your client at your request. Otherwise, the guide will never contact your client directly before the booking is confirmed. Before the tour date, we recommend that you communicate the guide's phone number to your client so that they can get in touch in case of problems occuring just before or during the excursion. You will find all necessary informations in the booking confirmation.