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There are some destinations that, just by their evocation, leave you dreaming ... it is this effect that makes a private tour to Rome, the eternal city !!!

Whether you are a globetrotter, a hiking enthusiast, on a city break or a cruise , Rome is and will always remain one of the most important destinations! A "must to see" as they say!

Yes, I visited Rome, so to speak, but on the run, in a bus of 50 people and with a sick child in my arms.

For the glamour side we will come back .... I can only recommend a private visit!

They say that Rome is an open-air museum and it's true!

To get into the swing of a visit to Rome, there's nothing like starting with the monuments of ancient Rome .... Change of scenery guaranteed !

OK, but what is Ancient Rome ? Very good question !!

Rome is a millennial city, which has seen many civilizations pass through and live. Each one of them left its mark, one could say.

The best known is the Roman Empire! You know, Julius Caesar?

Rome is the symbol and above all was its capital!

Numerous vestiges remind us of this period, so to start a private visit of Rome by this site, is the promise of a temporal, cultural and archaeological escape!

The Public Baths of Caracalla, are the largest and most sumptuous ever built in Europe.

The remains still allow us to understand the articulation and function of the rooms.

Colossal ruins and very impressive when you think that the construction of these baths dates back to 216 A.D.!

The Circus Maximus, is the largest racecourse in Rome and even the largest building in Ancient Rome!

It is the scene of great chariot races but also the place of triumphal processions.

Even today, it is the privileged place for large gatherings such as concerts and other festivals.

The Forum Boarium, located near the Tiber and with a very important economic activity, is one of the oldest forums of Ancient Rome!

According to the legend, it is there that the basket of Remus and Romulus would have run aground...

But when we talk about Ancient Rome, and even about Rome in general, we all think of THE emblematic monument of the Eternal City .... The COLOSSEUM of course !

Located in the center of Rome, it is the largest amphitheater ever built by the Roman Empire.

Its functions have been most varied over time :

  • fights of wild animals or gladiators,

  • · battle re-enactments from Roman mythology,

  • · executions of prisoners sentenced to death

  • · ….

More recently, it has been used for housing, artists' studios, Catholic communities ....

Today it is the symbol of the city ... when you think Rome, you think Colosseum! Well, after pizza and "pasta", maybe!!...

But Rome is not just antiquity ......... The city of lovers is also represented by one of its emblematic monuments ......... The Trevi Fountain !

The largest but also the most famous fountain of the city was built at the request of Pope Clement XII. Work began in 1730 and was completed in 1762.

It is customary to go to the fountain and throw a coin into it with your right arm, turning your back on it to make sure you come back to Rome !

The Trevi Fountain has also been the scene of several films, but the most famous is Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" in which Anita Ekberg takes a bath in the fountain in an evening gown, under the eyes of Marcello Mastroianni. A mythical scene !

Whoever comes to Rome cannot leave without visiting the Vatican City.

First of all, Place Saint-Pierre dazzles you from the moment you arrive, both by its construction and its grandeur!

The square, as we know it today, is similar to the square in front of St. Peter's Basilica and was commissioned by Pope Alexander VII to enhance the Basilica!

It is here that pilgrims gather during the Christian feasts celebrated by the Pope.

St. Peter's Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most important building in Catholicism and one of the most visited monuments in the world!

Its façade opens onto St. Peter's Square, and opens its doors for an incredible visit.

It is very impressive to be in the very heart of this basilica, whether you are a believer or not.

It is majestic and its ornaments leave you speechless!

It is another highly symbolic place of the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel!

Within the Vatican Museums, it is one of the halls of the pontifical palaces and takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV.

But what makes the Chapel so special are its frescoes and its vault whose decoration was entrusted to Michelangelo.

The artist depicted nine central scenes, all inspired by Genesis.

An UNAVOIDABLE, you will be able to see the whole of the chapel.

Rome is indeed a destination of the most complete which pleases young and old alike!

Think also of the gastronomy ... a nice pizza or a nice plate of pasta, a gustatory pleasure that will close the loop of this Roman experience!

Did I make your mouth water?!!...

Come and discover our private excursions in the Eternal City with a private guide who will show you the most beautiful Roman attractions while telling you the exciting stories associated with them in our catalogue.

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