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Architecture and gastronomy in Barcelona

"Barcelona, what a beautiful horizon, resplendent in the sunlight", Freddy Mercury

Coming to Barcelona is the certainty of a colorful visit, a moment when the sun is not only in the sky.

I can't say how many times I've visited this emblematic city of the Iberian Peninsula, capital of Catalonia, but what I do know is that each visit has been an opportunity for discovery.

Whether you're here for a day, a weekend or a longer stay, one thing is sure, you won't get bored, the city has so much to offer.

What better way to start the visit than Las Ramblas?

This shopping street, which takes you from the port to the Plaça Cataluña, is an invitation to stroll around and immediately takes you into the typical Mediterranean atmosphere of Barcelona.

Beyond its emblematic aspect, Las Ramblas gives you access to 2 of my favorite places in Barcelona. The Plaza del Rey and the Boqueria market.

La plaza del Rey: Sit back and take time to relax with a nice glass of Sangria while admiring the arches and palm trees that surround the square with a fountain in its center.

The market of La Boqueria: This is a must to see (and to eat!) ... You are there immediately embarked by the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean sun.

Imagine complete stalls filled with delicious fruits and juices. Tasting is mandatory, you will not be able to resist!

Gaudi, the master of the place?!

When we think of Barcelona, we can only think of Gaudi and all that this artist brought to the city.

One of these fabulous constructions, although still unfinished, and emblem of the city, La Sagrada Familia!

Its gigantism and its architecture make it the most visited monument in Spain !

It can be seen from afar with its towers that seem to want to reach to the sky as a tribute or salute to the almighty.

Up close, it's even more impressive... One has sometimes the impression that it is made of lace so much its facade is elaborated ... a breathtaking work!

As far as I'm concerned, it is its interior that fascinates me the most.... The vaults designed by Gaudi and the stained glass windows make that the contrasts of colors can not leave anyone indifferent.

You can find different facades designed by the Master on a tour through the city!

You will discover among others the Casa Batllo or La Pedrera and so many others unmistakable as Gaudi's paw is recognizable.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

But it is another achievement of Antoni Gaudi, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and which makes me travel every time... The Park Güell

A completely exotic place.... This park is located on the outskirts of the city and offers you a magnificent view of Barcelona, unobstructed to the sea!

Beyond this view, it is its architecture that makes me travel, I have this impression of finding myself in a fairy tale where an elf will appear out of nowhere at any time.

A walk to do and redo full of colors and shapes totally atypical !

With a private guide it is an UNFORGETTABLE private tour for sure !

There is still so much to do and discover in Barcelona, like the Montjuic district located on a hill at 170m high and accessible by a funicular. A stroll and a breathtaking view!

And what about the gastronomy?!!

When you talk about Barcelona and when you go there, what you expect after a day of visits and discovery is a good glass of fresh sangria and a plate of tapas so typical and representative of the Catalan city.

My sweet sin, the pan con tomato, las croquetas de jamon, all accompanied by slices of Manchego ... A delight!!!

You will find all these places as spectacular as they are magnificent in the private excursions offered by our partner guides. Whether it is for a weekend, a vacation or during a stopover on your next cruise, they will welcome you and help you discover all the wonders of this beautiful city!

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