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A return under the sign of covid_19

A new school year is, by definition, a special time of the year. We have memories of our vacations in our head, we have objectives and resolutions, and, we won't hide it, we are a little bitter about this resumption which makes us go back to work or to school for a new year.

But this new school year 2020 is, how could we say, SPECIAL ... not that we are celebrating a special event nor that we all got THE promotion we have been waiting for ... no no, it is special because covid_19, the virus we have been living with for more than 6 months now, is part of the equation!

A very hard summer for professionals

France is usually the most visited country in the world but this year, with some borders still closed and the risk of contamination, foreign tourists have changed their plans and deserted the hexagon.

French vacationers have also changed their summer habits and have preferred the local and French regions. A small compensation for professional restaurant and hotel owners.

If some regions show a loss of more than 70% compared to last summer (even 95% in Paris), others, such as Loiret and its capital Orleans, are the nice surprise of the summer.

Borders and countries unevenly reopened

If some countries such as Croatia, France or Spain have reopened their borders without restriction to European tourists, others such as Italy, Belgium or the Netherlands, have reopened them with a few nuances such as a COVID_19 screening test or 14-day quarantine depending on the country of origin.

Finally, Iceland and Hungary have chosen to keep their borders closed.

It is clear that tourism is slowly but unevenly recovering.

Cruise ships are going back to sea

There is a tourist sector where the recovery can only take place slowly and even in stages, it is the CRUISE sector.

MSC opened the ball by setting sail again with one of the jewels of the company the MSC GRANDIOSA, for a cruise in the western Mediterranean.

The popular MSC MAGNIFICA was due to set sail again for a cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean, but its departure was postponed due to new health tests for Italian nationals who had stayed in Greece.

As for COSTA Cruises, the resumption should take place on September 06 with the COSTA Deliziosa and continue on September 19 with the COSTA Diadema.

The health protocols have been strengthened to be in accordance the requests imposed by the governments.

  • The boats cannot be filled to their maximum capacity in order to respect social distancing,

  • temperature taking of all passengers on each return to the boat,

  • Meals are taken at the restaurant,

  • daily disinfection of the cabins

  • provision of hydroalcoholic gel in all parts of the vessel

Everything possible is done to prevent the virus from circulating and to prevent the DIAMOND PRINCESS scenario from reoccurring.

But will the cruise still be as attractive?

Labels to reassure tourists

With the same objective of reassuring potential tourists as much as possible, certain organizations such as Turismo de Portugal have opted for a "Clean & Safe" label that allows them to highlight the various health protocols in place.

Companies, hotels, campsites, tourist attractions, etc. can apply for this label, which is free and valid for one year, but they commit themselves to respecting a certain number of measures in order to reassure clients wishing to come and stay in Portugal.

Following the example of Portugal, ShoreToursGuides, has set up its own label and offers private "Safe & Secure" excursions.

In addition to the private aspect of the tours, which guarantees excursions in small groups, the "Safe & Secure" label also means

  • disinfected vehicles,

  • the wearing of the mask by the private guides

  • regular hand washing and the provision of hydroalcoholic gel for all customers.

It is therefore clear that the entire tourism industry is looking for and must reinvent itself in order to survive the COVID_19 crisis that has been going on for more than 6 months now and that has already put a strain on the summer season for many of us.

Nevertheless, at ShoreToursGuides, we do our utmost to ensure that, on destinations that allow it, your stays will be as pleasant and serene as possible and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Don't hesitate to book your private tours for your next vacation, extended weekend or future cruise with our SERENITY BOOKING program.

And you, how do you see the tourism of tomorrow? And are you confident and above all are you ready to travel again?

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