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New York City



New York City from soup to nuts: 400 years of History

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400 years of history: Broadway, Ellis Island, Federal Hall, NY Stock Exchange, Wall Street, Ground Zero and the World Trade Center.



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Discover a neighborhood in full renewal with your licensed guide

The south tip of Manhattan is one of the must-see neighborhoods during a trip to New York. Heavily affected by the September 11, 2001 attacks, the neighborhood changed dramatically with new businesses, hotels and schools. 400 years of History at your fingertips. From the old New Amsterdam to the British colony followed by the first independent New Yorkers. From Peter Minuit to George Hamilton, Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton to Larry Silverstein, key actors will come along the way for this passionate deep dive into New York City’s history and fun facts!
During a 3-hour tour, you will step into the shoes of the first settlers of New Amsterdam, then the financial tycoons, like J.P. Morgan. It's a great way to appreciate the evolution of this iconic New York City. From a modest harbor to the current financial center, New York City was able to adapt and grow.

How will the tour go?

We'll meet you at the level of Bowling Green. Then we will head to the remains of the forts of the first Dutch settlers as well as the remains of the old Wall Street wall. You'll discover how, in 400 years, the topography of Southern Manhattan Island has changed. Can you believe that when we stand on Battery Park, we stand on artificial land? From there you'll enjoy stunning views of New York Bay and the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Did you know that for one year before the Dutch, this island with its hills was French? We’ll show you some proofs.

We will then dive into the financial district to stop in front of the New York Stock Exchange, the unmissable New York Stock Exchange. Along the way, your guide will draw your attention to several hidden passages... The Financial District has a few secrets that we love to share with you! We will then meet at the Federal Hall with George Washington, the first President of the United States of America.

Finally, we will end our visit with the imposing site of the World Trade Center, dominated by the 541 meters of the One World Trade Center tower. Of course, you remember where you were that day. Now you will be at the heart of the tragedy remembering each key moment.

New York City from soup to nuts: 400 years of History
New York City from soup to nuts: 400 years of History

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After the tour, you have the ability to book tickets for the Ground Zero museum and or the One World Observatory. Feel free to ask for those items to be added.

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Ground Zero Museum

One World Observatory


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Meet your guide

Laurene does not like New York, she loves her city and its people. This is how she chose to become a tour guide. After a career in Finance, Laurene reinvented herself by studying to become a licensed tour guide. Now a member of the Guides Association of New York, she gathers memories from the key figures of town she meets during her tours. Laurene carefully curates each tour to provide a mix of different experiences including art, history, society, architecture, music, and gastronomy.



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