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Caniço - Garajau viewpoint stop

The statue of Christ-King at Garajau is located on a viewpoint with a magnificent view and it is the work of french sculptor Georges Serraz.
The monument, dedicated on the 30th October 1927, consists of a statue of Christ with open arms facing the ocean and it was financed and commissioned by the counselor Aires De Ornelas, son of the holder of the last majorat of Caniço.

Camacha - House of the Vimes

The wickerwork industry has its foundation in 1850 in the parish of Camacha, where the largest production of this type of craft in Madeira is found. The trees that originate this work – willows trees, grow on lands with plenty of water and each plant can produce between 2 to 5 kilograms of willow.
Wickerwork is used to manufacture objects for domestic use, of all shapes and sizes, including suitcases, boxes, chairs, tables, furniture, among others.
There are all kinds of furniture pieces, especially chairs, couches and tables, alongside with other items such as agricultural baskets that are used in the grape harvest throughout the island, as well as the “Monte Sledges” which concentrates a significant portion of this industry.

Stop to try the traditional cider, Madeiran traditional drink made with Pero.

Santo Da Serra - Traditional market on saturday and sunday; Quinta Do Santo Da Serra to visit the animals; Option to taste the famous cider, Madeiran traditional drink made with Pero.

A pleasant building in an english colonial style from the end of the 19th century, with a romantic garden and a striking look-out point known as 'miradouro Dos Ingleses'.
Located in the centre of the parish of Santo António Da Serra, Quinta Da Junta dates back to the end of the 19th century.

Machico - Viewpoint

The Pico Do Facho viewpoint is located north of Machico, before reaching the tunnel of Caniçal, along a path that leads up to the top of Pico Do Facho. Historically, this was the place where huge bonfires were lit in order to alert the population of approaching enemy ships.
From here, the panoramic views of the Machico valley can be admired; They extend up to the island’s central peaks, including Ponta De São Lourenço.

Canical - Viewpoint

It is said that its name comes from the existence of a plant whose name is Caniço (Reed) or Carriço (Sedge). Situated on the widest part of a peninsula in the far east of the island of Madeira, between Machico and São Lourenço, Caniçal received the title of town in 1994.
It is the parish in Madeira with the longest coastline with numerous boulders and cliffs that overlook the sea, as well as many pebbles both on the north and south coast. Here, one finds the only natural golden sand beach on the island of Madeira and the Madeira free zone.
The Whale Museum of Madeira is located in the village of Caniçal and is a witness to the entire history of whaling in Madeira and the activities associated with it.


Porto Da Cruz - Engenho Do Porto Da Cruz

Anyone visiting the historic Companhia Dos Engenhos Do Norte (Northern Milling Company) in the village of Porto Da Cruz gets to experience one of the main pieces of living evidence of the island’s glorious sugar production, at the beginning of the 20th century.
Built in the beginning of the 20th century (1927), although equipped with machinery from the 19th century, The Porto Da Cruz mill is one of the most striking examples of the importance of sugar cane trade in Madeira island. In terms of heritage it is also a museum of major significance.

Faial - Viewpoint

Built in the 18th century to watch for invaders, The Faial Fortlet operates today as a viewpoint and is considered a monument of local value.
The Faial Fortlet, built in the 18th century, has been a monument of local value since 1996.

Santana - Santana Market; Visit the famous houses of Santana

The centre for traditional Santana houses presents some of the typical houses of Santana, where you can get regional products.
Close to the Santana municipal council you can find the centre for traditional Santana houses. This is a preservation area, expanded by the municipality of Santana, in memory of local heritage.


Meeting point

Funchal Harbor

Please note

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes,
Bring waterproof if needed,
Bring sunscreen, a few hours a day, the sun can burn,
Bring water / snacks,
We stop at several places where they sell drinks, snacks, regional items. Customers are not obliged to consume, or buy, but if they do, they help the regional economy.

It is possible to take four people sitting and two people sitting in two manual wheelchairs.
It is possible to take five people seated and one in a manual chair.
It is possible to take 4 people seated and an electric chair.
It is possible to take 3 people seated and the wheelchair for all the terrain.
Please ask for more information.

It is possible to do this Tour with manual / electric chair or electric scooter with some limitations in the accesses to the places.
Not all locations are allowed to enter electric chairs or electric scooter.
Contact us for more information.

Customers who need to pick up from Porto Do Funchal (cruises) must send in advance:
Boat Name,
Name of Passengers,
Cabin they are staying in,
Send with the reservations / reservation request the measurements of the manual or electric wheelchairs, electric scooters and photos if possible.

What is included

    Transport, Guide and Insurance Included

What is extra

    Entries To Places, Attractions, Museums Are Not Included In The Package.
    All Paid Locations, People Will Be Notified.
    Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner Not Included.

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This Tour is available in:

Child friendly

Wheel chair friendly

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Portuguese, French, Ingles, Germany


All Courses Have Been Tested And Designed For Electric Wheelchairs / Scooters

Wheelchair Adapted Van



Meet your guide

We are a company based in Madeira Island, Portugal. We focus our services on people with reduced mobility. Our concept is based on the finding of the physical barriers that people in wheelchairs face on a daily basis. From stairs to high walks.
Our role is to minimize these barriers and provide transport services and carry out activities that have been difficult or even impossible for people with difficulty in getting around, such as Levadas. Our motto is THE IMPOSSIBLE WILL BE POSSIBLE.
In order to achieve this goal we have given ourselves specific equipment, such as an adapted vehicle, fold-out ramps and an all-terrain wheelchair, unique in Portugal.
Our island is a land with enormous beauty, mountains and sea. In these mountains there are the "Levadas", a designation given to an irrigation channel or aqueduct flanked by a pedestrian path and are specific to the island. These channels have an extension of more than 2000 km and are likely to be covered on foot. Due to their landscape beauty, and their surroundings in nature, they are highly sought after by those who visit us.



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