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Venetian Villas along the Brenta Canal


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Visit two marvelous Venetian Villas: Villa Malcontenta and Villa Pisani Nazionale



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Starting time: 9h00

In the Veneto Region we still have something like 3000 villas spread all over our territory, some are very precious masterpieces of art, other very simple elegant farms, along the Brenta Canal, not far from Venice there is the highest concentration of all, with around 60 residences all along this beautiful water way.

The two villas selected for you are Villa Pisani Nazionale and villa Foscari Malcontenta

This tour begin at the Cruise Terminal, we will leave in a comfortable private minivan and travel around 45 minutes along the Brenta Canal, passing by countless villas left as memories of a glorious a luxury past, when all Venetian noble families where supposed to have a holiday house in this area, like a status symbol of power and richness.
Traveling through small towns and narrow agricultural villages we reach the first residence: Villa Pisani Nazionale, today a national museum. This villa as big as a castle with its 144 rooms and its huge garden (10 hectares), at a fist glance looks like a huge royal palace, it was built in the XVIII century as summer residence for a Doge, the highest Venetian authority during the “Serenissima” Republic.

A short coffee break an than on the the way direction Malcontenta, 20 minutes away, where form the river side villa Villa Foscari wlcome you as ancient temple in the field. Villa Foscari, since 1996 in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is one of the most significant buildings in Palladio’s rich production. The external building is a prototype of Palladian classical architecture, with an imposing loggia and a triangular gable, while inside a precious renaissance frescoes decoration create an unexpected effect. Perfect harmony between architecture, paintings and natural environment, ideal integration between human rationality and natural beauty.

Back to Venice Cruise Terminal (around 20 minutes).

Venetian Villas along the Brenta Canal
Venetian Villas along the Brenta Canal

Meeting point

Cruise Terminal in Venice

Please note

This tour can be booked everyday in the week except on Monday.
The tour will not take place in case one or both villas where close for some special events.

Starting time and duration can be easily adapted to your special requests.

What is included

    Transfer in private Minivan with private drivers
    Professional guide for the entire tour

What is extra

    Every thing not clearly indicated in the tour description

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Ticket for Villa Pisani Nazionale

Tiket for villa Malcontenta



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Child friendly

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Italiano, français, English, Español

Yes, journey not too long, and both visits can be adapted to different kind of groups


Minivan 8 pax



Meet your guide

I have been working as a guide since 2006 and I adore my profession, I feel happy and privileged every time I start a tour with a new group. I like to share with visitors my knowledge and my passion for our precious heritage.
I also like to surprise new comers with unexpected beautiful corner in our region and to create opportunities for deep positive emotions .



Expected date of tour in more than 30 days

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