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In the footsteps of the Impressionists: Orsay and Orangerie


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Orsay Museum, Orangerie museum, Tuilerie Garden



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We'll meet just outside the Orsay Museum, where we'll avoid the long lines and enter without waiting this unique museum with masterpieces from the second half of the XIX century, among which the french impressionists.
You'll learn all the secrets of the main artists from the XIXth century whose works are on show and explore the influences and the individual styles of every artist such as Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cézanne or even Van Gogh. You'll dive in the heart of the birth of the impressionist movement, arisen from a small group of rebels which opened the way to this unique art.

After the visit of the Orsay Museum (about 2hrs) we'll head to the Orangerie Museum, just accross the Seine river, to go discover the incredible and huge panels of Water Lilies of Monet. We'll also give a quick look to the Museum's collection.

Through the visit of these two museums, you'll be going back in time, you'll learn how these images and messages changed the art world forever. Believe it or not, the peaceful scenes of the rural and urban lives of the impressionist artists were absolutely shocking when there were painted.

In the footsteps of the Impressionists: Orsay and Orangerie
In the footsteps of the Impressionists: Orsay and Orangerie

Meeting point

Rhinoceros statue in front of the Orsay Museum

Please note

The Orsay museum is close every monday and the Orangerie museum every tuesday. This tour can then be done from wednesdays to sundays.

What is included

    Guided tour with an official licensed guide of the Orsay Museum and Orangerie Museum.

What is extra

    Tickets for the museums

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Tickets for the Orsay and Orangerie Museum


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Français, English, Italiano

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Meet your guide

I'm a French Art Historian and a state licensed guide. Born in a small village on the west coast of France, in a farmer's family, i have studied Art History in Europe's most beautiful cities and i made my way, today, to the big city that is Paris. My knowledge comes from more than 7 years of Art History studies in France and Italy, including getting my Master’s degree at Rome’s University of La Sapienza. While studying in Rome, five years ago, i began my career as a guide, sharing my love for European Art and Art history with tourists and locals. I then came back to France, in order to study for the State's curator exam, while working as an intern in an Art gallery. Through all these experiences, i have realized that i was more interested in teaching, sharing my knowledge and interact with people from all around the world, that's why today giving tours is my full time job, and full time hobby!



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