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Sea to Summit. A private guided 4 day excursion.

Prices are generally for the whole group and not per person (except for tours including meals and other entrance fees to attractions included in the tour).

Variations (+ or -) may apply depending on the number of people and will be calculated at the time of booking.

Mountains, Fjords, Spectacular scenic views. Serpentine roads and old wooden houses, churches and possibly some snow.



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About this tour...

Day 1.
Pickup. Drive from Oslo to Otta and Lom. We spend some time here in a very pittoresque old town famous for their local bakery, stave church and beautiful nature.
Then we continue up the Bøvervalley to Røysheim a small exclusive hotel , your housing for the night.
All rooms are unique and the atmosphere will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Day 2.
A full mountain breakfast before we make a drive up to the Juvass lodge and you will have a great look at Galdhøpiggen , Norways highest mountain and the drive there is also the highest elevated mountain road in Norway. After a few photo ops, we head back to Lom to do some cultural exploring of the stave church and the stone museum. Then we continue our drive over the mountain towards Stryn. The Strynefjell is very popular and famous for alot of snow and a summer skiresort. We drive to Grotli and towards Geiranger. This is the community located in the Geriangerfjord whos on the UNESCO´s World heritage list. A real bucketlist location. We stay at the Union Hotel Geiranger. Nice hotel with verandas on the rooms overlooking what could be mistaken as a postcard.

Day 3.
We drive onboard the ferry on the Geirangerfjord to Hellesylt. Touristinfo provided in your language.
The drive continues to Stranda with a short ferryride again to Liabygda. Then to valldal and we go down the Troll ladder ( world famous serpentine road ) From there to Dombås and we stay the last night at Dombås Hotel.

Day 4
Drive down Gudbrandsdalen towards Oslo and we make a short stop along the way at one of the oldest farms in the valley. This farm has a great history both from housing kings and queens and also being significant during world war 2.

A great trip that will check a lot on your Norway bucket list.

Sea to Summit. A private guided 4 day excursion.
Sea to Summit. A private guided 4 day excursion.

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By the pier

Please note

The price of this very special tour is given as an indication.

If you are interested in this trip, please contact the guide in order to establish a precise quotation according to the number of people and the category of the hotels.
If you are on a cruise, it is possible to pick you up in Oslo on day 1 and drop you off in Molde or Trondheim on day 4 depending on your ship itinerary.

All info regarding clothing, shoes, and dresscodes at hotels etc will be provided upon arrival.

What is included

    Price is upon request and wil be calculated according to the clients request for type of accomondation and activities.

What is extra

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English, Norwegian, Swedish

Yes its child friendly. (When kids are brought on these trips we change the program a bit to make it more child friendly)

Yes it is.
We will arrange for it to be if requested by the client . We may change type of car / van.




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